Wild yak,Tibetan lark found in Humla

Kathmandu, January 8

Two wild yaks were spotted recently 53 years after it was last in the remote mountainous district of Humla .

An organization ‘Friends of Nature’, which has been carrying out research on the flora and fauna and herbs in the region for the last three years, spotted two wild yaks in Gyaukhola Valley located in Limi VDC. It has revealed that Humla has high potential for habitation of a variety of animals and herbs.

Conservation officer at Friends of Nature, Naresh Kusi, warned that the Yak may get extinct if proper conservation efforts are not carried out. The wild yak is darker in appearance with sharp horns, it said.

The organization has also discovered a new species of bird named ‘Tibetan lark’. The Tibetan lark is a new species found in Nepal.