Wildlife poaching up after snowfall in Bajura

  • Locals killed wildlife that moved to lower altitudes after thick snow covered their habitat

Bajura, January 16

Wildlife poaching has increased in the northern part of Bajura following snowfall.

Wild animals have begun to descend from Badimalika and Budhinanda municipalities, Himali Rural Municipality and Khaptad National Park to Kanda, Jayabageshwori, Bahrabisa, Kailashmandau, Rugin, Bichhayan, Dahakot, Chhtara and Martadi, among other places, after thick snowfall covered the landscape.

Taking advantage of snowfall in the northern part of Bajura, locals have begun to kill wildlife descending to lower altitudes.

Shanmal BK, a local of Himali Rural Municipality, said the locals had gone to the nearby forest to hunt wild animals. He said the hunters killed danphe, wild boars, deer, tiger, bear, ghoral, leopard and musk deer, among other wildlife.

BK added that poachers even stayed for a week in the forest to kill wildlife.

They kill wildlife using muskets and setting up traps. “Some of them also use dogs to kill deer,” he added.

Poachers kill wild animals and sell the meat in the villages and the district headquarters Martadi openly.

A hotel entrepreneur at Martadi said wild animals’ meat was sold in Martadi openly.

A hunter said he had sold the meat of Danphe and Munal for Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 per kg. He said mostly the contractors, staffers and local businessmen bought wildlife meat in the district headquarters.

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent of Police at Bajura District Police Office Tanka Prasad Bhattarai said police teams had started a search operation to nab culprits in suspected areas after information reached the office.

According to the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act 1972, persons involved in killing wildlife have to face five to 15 years’ jail term along with fine of Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000.