Winter rain destroys paddy crops in Far-West

DHANGADHI: Sporadic rain since Wednesday has ruined paddy crops in the Far-Western Region of the nation.

According to a local farmer, Ram Charan Chaudary, the winter rain has added woes to the farmers.

Initially, the drought has interrupted the growth of crops; later the ready-to-harvest crops have been soaked by the winter rain, the farmer lamented.

Chet Raj Joshi, District Agricultural Development Officer of Kailali, said the crops worth thousands of rupees have been destroyed by this rain.

The DADO statistics show that 71,000 hector area of the land in the district has been cultivated and only 40 per cent of the crop have been safely harvested this year.

Kailali alone produces more than 200,000 metric ton paddy annually.

All the districts of the region have been badly affected by the untimely rain.

According to Rajesh KC, a crop specialist at the Far-west Regional Agriculture Directorate in Dipayal, the paddy seeds produced from soaked crops do not yield good fruits in the future.

Meanwhile, Hikmat Singh Chopada, Head of Meteorological Forecasting Division Doti branch, has predicted that temperature would decrease further in coming days.