The Anti-human Trafficking Bureau of Nepal Police has arrested a woman for her alleged involvement in trafficking a woman to India and selling her to a brothel.

Fulmaya Tamang, aka Anisha Tamang, 26, of Dupcheshwor Rural Municipality-5, currently residing in Budhanilkantha Municipality-10, Kathmandu, was taken into custody from her rented room yesterday.

According to AHTB, Tamang had initially lured the victim on the pretext of providing her job as a performer with handsome payment at a hotel in Pokhara in 2017.

In a twist of fate, Tamang took her to a restaurant in Akashedara, Kathmandu, on the pretext of having lunch and offered her noodles and soft drinks laced with sedatives, rendering the victim unconscious. As the victim passed out, Tamang boarded her on a bus and took her to various Indian cities.

Finally, she was sold to a brothel in Mumbai.

Citing the brothel-keeper, the victim told police officials that she was sold for Rs 300,000. One day, she managed to escape from the brothel and sought the help of Indian police. AHTB officials said she was rescued and brought home with the coordination of Indian police, Nepali Embassy in India and an NGO in Nepal. The victim had filed an FIR against Tamang at the AHTB seeking legal action against the perpetrator.

Tamang has been charged with human trafficking. Human traffickers have succeeded in luring vulnerable women, girls and men to foreign countries with the promise of lucrative jobs and better future due to lack of employment opportunity in the country, low education level, and poverty. The victims feel cheated only when they are left to fend for themselves in a foreign country.

Traffickers use different modus operandi to lure victims. While some victims are trafficked with coercive measures such as threats, others are tempted by false promises of decent jobs and handsome salary abroad.

A version of this article appears in the print on January 6, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.