A woman from Myagde Rural Municipality, Tanahun, arrived in the district headquarters today searching for her husband who has been out of contact for years now.

Dhakmaya Gurung of Bakhre in Myagde Rural Municipality, said her husband Dil Bahadur Gurung had left home nine years ago for employment. "It was for employment in Malaysia that he had left home about nine years ago; he hasn't returned home thus far and that's why I've come here to search for him," Dhakmaya said.

"Let alone sending home his earnings, he hasn't been in contact ever since he left home," lamented Dhakmaya, recounting the difficulty she has been facing in looking after her family in the absence of the breadwinner.

Dhakmaya has two daughters - aged 14 and 11, and a son who is 7.

"I have three kids and I have to look after them; as I don't have any job or anything of that sort, it's been really difficult to bear the burden," shared Dhakmaya, who is staying in a house built by her parents and doesn't have anything much by way of property.

"I had heard that he was working with some company in Malaysia, but haven't been able to contact him, nor has he contacted me," she added, asking this correspondent for help search for her husband.

The family has said they are also thinking of seeking help from the police to search for him.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 31 2021, of The Himalayan Times.