Women labourers unite against gender-based discrimination

ILAM: Women working in different tea processing factories in Ilam and Panchthar districts have united to press for their rights against gender-based discrimination.

The women workers have come together setting up a union to put forth their demands for rights including equal wages as compared to their male co-workers. Orthodox Tea Women Workers’ Forum is the latest union of the women workers established to raise their voices against gender-based discrimination.

Secretary of the Forum, Debuka Acharya, said that the women are discriminated in terms of wages based on their gender. “Men are given Rs 400 per day while women are paid just Rs 300 in the tea processing factories for doing the same work,” she lamented.

According to Acharya, at least one woman from all tea processing factories from the two districts are included in the Forum, adding that the number of members would be increased.

“We are united to share our voices in a collective manner. Also we realised the need for a union to keep our members informed about labour laws, acts and other information,” Acharya added.

Besides uniting, the union has also started an initiative for monthly savings collected from its members. Members of the union collect Rs 100 each in the fund and the money would be lent to those in need.