Yadav serves CMP ultimatum on govt

Biratnagar, January 9:

Chairperson of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF) Upendra Yadav today said that his party would quit the government if the common minimum programme (CMP) was not implemented soon.

Talking to mediapersons here today, Yadav said, “The government is not serious about implementing the eight-point agreement and the 22-point understanding reached with the party.”

“MJF will quit the government if the latter does not implement the CMP soon,” he said, adding, “We are ready to help the government if it sticks to the understanding.”

Criticising the government for failing to check attacks on media, putting the national army to dispute and meddling in the religious sector, he suggested that it operate on the basis of a national consensus. “MJF expresses serious concern over the government’s interference in the army affairs. We cannot accpet such an act,” he said, adding, “The party cannot accept such an act.”

Stating that the Maoist combatants should not be integrated with Nepal Army (NA), he said,

“The neutrality of the army will be questioned if People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is integrated in the NA.” He said PLA combatants could be deployed for border security.

He stressed on the need for drafting the new constitution in the participation of civil society members and other organisations.

He said that all the contentious issues raised in the party would be addressed by the party convention scheduled to start in Birgunj on January 17.

“It is natural for anybody to express their argument in the party. Such arguments will not cause a split in the party,” he said.

Senior MJF leader Bijay Kumar Gachhadar said there was open debate in the party for a democratic system. Stating that ideology and formation of party structures were disputed in the party, he said the party chairperson would settle them. “Yadav’s role would be decisive for party unity. His conduct determines the fare of the party,” he said.

Asked about the party lawmakers’ move to call the MJF ministers back from the government, Gachhadar opined, “If the CA members have been burdened by their post, they can tender their resignation to the CA chair.”