All in a day

Satnam becomes the first Indian to be drafted in NBA in the US. His success in the basketball arena will fuel aspirations of many a lanky Indian youngsters to follow him to the US. Perhaps his success in the court will help wean away Indians from the national obsession: cricket. Or, maybe not. There hasn’t been another Khali in brass and colourful WWF. Nor could the Indian football hero Bhutia make a dent in England. But one Khali or a Satnam in the international arena is enough to bring public relation laurels for the country.

Bobby Jindal announces his US presidential bid from the Republican Party. Bobby continues to break many an Indian heart by spewing his aversion to hyphenated nationality. He wants to be called an American, not an Indian-American, claiming his parents did not move to the US to become Indian-American. Just like President Obama, he will make history if he wins the election.

Talking of America, gay marriage has been legalized in all 50 states. 14 states that had earlier banned the ‘union’ between man and man, and woman and woman, have now made it fully legal. This is a huge victory indeed for sexual minorities towards gender equality and justice, not to speak of human liberty. As the fast emerging democracy, our nation could offer this facility to our gays and lesbians even before they ask. Abortion is still a taboo in most American states while it is legal and easily available at all nooks and corners in our country.

In other parts of the world, it has been a tragic day. A man is decapitated and his head scrawled with message is pinned on the gate of a factory in the outskirts of Lyon in France. Terrorists strike at a beach resort in Tunisia gunning down dozens of foreign tourists. Several people are killed and hundreds injured in a mosque attack in Kuwait. For now the terrorists, who claimed to be members of IS, have got away with their dastardly acts. Justice will surely catch up with them.In Japan, women have taken fancy upon a handsome 18-year-old gorilla kept in a zoo in Nagoya.

Many women are reportedly flocking at the zoo to catch a glimpse of the gorilla and may be to fantasize of amorous encounter that Japanese men seem to have lost interest in. Japan Times recently reported that the number of middle-aged virgins among men is growing in the country. By the way, middle age in Japan is between 30 and 40 years.