Children’s day or Bal Divas day is created everywhere in order to honor the children and minors. It is celebrated in Nepal on September 14. This is the day that children get full freedom to enjoy and play. It is a special day only for the children.

There is the Nepal Children’s Organisation (Bal Mandir) in Nepal for the welfare of the children. It which works day and night for the needy children to help them get good

education, food, shelter etc. There are camps organised for the children that help them learn new things and explore nature. It also helps them socialise with the outside world

and this interaction helps their development.

To make this day a

memorable one for the

children, many seminars, meetings, sports, fairs etc., are organised in consideration for the children’s

welfare and growth. The schools also organise different events where different competitions take place

to test the ability of the

children. —

Posted by Noel