BLOG SURF: Cleaner transport

Buses, bicycles, boots. However, you get around day to day, there is no getting away from transport and the same is true if we want to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the 2030 deadline.

The fact is that 8 of those goals are directly or indirectly linked to transport.

Roads, metros, and walkways are crucial to sustainable cities while cleaner transport could slash greenhouse gas emissions to help meet the climate action goal. In many Asian cities, transport is responsible for most air pollution.

But without suitable transport and smooth connections between different systems, it will be tough to get children to school, the sick to hospital, people to jobs, fertilizer to farms, and food from those same farms to markets or supermarkets, threatening a number of the goals.

Multilateral development banks in 2014 provided $20 billion in new funding for transport projects like roads, city transport, railways, and airports and reckon.