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The eclipse

Nagarkot was wonderful! We drove about 2 hours up and up and up into the mountains to a beautiful mountain town. Our hotel, The Hotel Country Villa, was perfect.

It is perched up on a cliff overlooking the Himalayas and the stunning view was visible from our beds!! The clouds would roll in and out and we were literally in them when we stood on our room balconies. When the clouds cleared again, it was breathtaking.

We were able to watch the eclipse from our balcony! When it was happening it got really dark and the temperature dropped 15-20 degrees very quickly. It was eerie, but very cool. We could see the sun through the clouds, but couldn’t see the actual blackness of the moon covering the sun, so Blaine took a picture of the TV where it was being broadcast.

We spent less than

24 hours in Nagarkot,

but loved every minute of

it (except for the massage

I got that felt like sandpaper)!