BLOG SURF: On reflection

Bhaktapur, also known as the City of Devotees. The city is filled with palaces, temples, statues and squares connected by a maze of largely pedestrian-only streets. This city

is a UNESCO world heritage site.

On 28 April 2009, a car came to pick us up at Nagarkot and we left for Bhaktapur. I followed the guide to walk around the old city. There are 3 main squares (Durbar, Taumadhi and Dattatraya) with great temples, monuments and monasteries. I love walking along narrow and zigzagged alleys and seeing how the locals live. Along the main streets, there are shops where souvenirs, CDs, clothes, Thanka paintings, fruits etc., are sold. I got a great attention from the locals, as I wore Vietnamese traditional dress which has images of Japan on the front and back panels. My Nepalese guide said everyone there loved my dress and they said “Beautiful”. I didn’t understand their language, only felt that people were looking at me. Some local men asked me where I came from and I replied to them “Vietnam”.