BLOG SURF: Table songs

This is a new aura or a new ambiance ~too different from our little Coffee table with two small chairs.

A little big for two with two spare empty dark chairs. We fill the emptiness with our heavy loaded bags, first.

Secondly, we fill them with our heavy loaded hearts and obsessed minds. Then, you slowly unpack the heavy bag. My eyes twinkle with an awe, affection and delight. What is new in the bag? What is new in that wrapped one?

But my attention goes towards your heart and mind. While you start unwrapping your recollection, I snatch the wrapped ones.

Tightly clutching them to my chest, I keep them aside. Something that what is yours is mine, something that what is mine is yours…Strange.

How is this possible? The facade of my face resembling you, the reflection resembling you and the heart and mind just like a photocopy of yours.

Waiting… I am for you to unpack your heavy loaded heart. Once you start reciting yourself- I feel like I am watching you.