BLOG-SURFS: Attainment

So at long last the pumpkins have left the building! .... Not in an Elvis style limo, but on the back of Jim’s truck.

The larger one of the two should apparently weigh around 170lbs, which is roughly 12 stones in old money. This is calculated by using the very cunning measurement to weight ratio, that you can find on the American pumpkin enthusiast site. Basically you take three specific measurements over and around the beast, add them together, and look up the total on the chart provided. This then tells you the equivalent weight in lbs.

Those of you from the US-of-A where truly huge fruits are grown for competitions all over the country,

are probably wondering what all the fuss is about these two rather unremarkable small gourds. (The

current World Record is a mind boggling 1,469 lbs !) Locally, however, these

are seen as being pretty

big stuff. The record at

the Tonbridge area show, which I just missed

entering, is only 132 lbs.