CREDOS : Bhagavad Gita — V

Krishna first explains that as He is the Supreme Truth, everything in existence is a combination of His material and spiritual energies. He is the active principle within all and

is all-pervasive through His diverse material and spiritual energies. Because the world’s activities are conducted by the three modes of nature which emanate from Him, only those who surrender to Krishna can cross beyond these modes to know Him.

Four kinds of impious souls never surrender to Krishna while four kinds of pious souls do surrender. But those who are truly pious, the undeluded, serve Krishna as the governor

of the material manifestation, the demigods, and sacrifice, can know and understand Krishna at the time of death. Chapter Eight begins by Arjuna asking Krishna about Brahmah, karma, the demigods, the material world, and knowing Krishna at the time of death. Krishna first

answers Arjuna’s first five questions and then begins explaining in detail how

to know Krishna at the time of death.

Since one attains what one remembers at the time of death, if one remembers Krishna, one goes

to Him. Krishna then explains how He can be constantly thought of as the transcendental person who knows everything, the oldest controller, the smallest, and the maintainer. Thus by practicing yoga and remembering Krishna, Krishna explains, one will go to the eternal spiritual world and never again to return to this temporary, miserable world. — (Concluded)