CREDOS : Occultism

Powers like clairaudience (hearing sound which the normal human ear cannot hear), clairvoyance (po-wer of discerning objects not present to the senses), and telepathy (capability of sending and receiving thou-ghts) are some of the Siddh-is known to mankind. Even the capability of materialising and dematerialisng at will is looked upon as a Siddhi.

According to Hinduism, a Siddhi is an obstacle on the path of God-realisation as it develops unwanted ego in a devotee. So Hinduism looks down upon Siddhis. But some are born with Siddhis, like Christ-like masters and Christ himself. In Jesus Christ and masters like him, Siddhis and occult powers flow out like fragrance out of a rose. But Christ gave no importance to his powers. He did not try to influence public opinion with his Siddhis. In fact, he had an aversion for people who came to him for his occult powers. “Unless ye see signs and wonders ye cannot believe, go to your home, there are thy son liveth” is a symbolic statement of Christ’s aversion to Siddhis. Jesus Christ’s acts accord well with those of all great Hindu saints. It is said that using certain kinds of drugs can develop some psychic powers of the lower level. But this method of using chemicals to develop Siddhis is the most dangerous method with dire consequences. Hinduism forbids any form of drugs in yoga. According to Hinduism, Siddhis are developed by the rise of kundalini power or serpent power through the spinal cord. — Am I a Hindu?