Chapter VI of the Gita deals with the concept of having sambhava, the attitude of sameness or equivalence in everything. The man of knowledge realises that the entire universe is nothing but different forms or manifestation of the same Brahman. Everything is basically the same. It is only prakriti (nature) action upon the matter that has made things different. There is nothing good or bad, nothing small or big, nothing attractive or loathsome.

Nature has not only made material things different, but it is also nature that is making people act the way they do. In fact, men are like puppets in the hands of their nature (helpless instruments in the hands of the great comic force of maya). Therefore, the differences that we see are only superficial, created by the nature. Otherwise, everything is the same.

This is why the yogi has the same feeling towards everyone. He sees Brahman in everyone and everything. The yogi realises that everything and every being is nothing else but Brahman. He himself is also Brahman. As such there is no reason to assume any difference between individuals. The yogi sees everything in oneness with himself. Therefore, there is no reason for ego and he is neither attached to anyone nor abhors anyone, because everyone is the same to him.

Each of us, however, sees the situation individually and, therefore, differently. We see things according to our own mindset, with our preconceived notions.

— The 4-Lane Expressway to Stress Management