Once, the secretary to the US president George Washington reached his office late. When the president asked the reason, he said his watch deceived him. President warned him either you change your watch or I will have to fire you. It is said that time is killer, healer and also a teacher. If you need to be a successful person it is essential to manage and utilise time. You need to learn to utilise your time to the fullest if you wish success in your life. Every person has 1440 minutes every day. If you calculate you will realise how many days you have wasted just for nothing.

Those who know how to control their mind, their one year extents to 13 months and for those who cannot, one year reduces to 10. We kill time because we do not have patience. Working with patience can save some 25 per cent of your time. Similarly you can avoid some 30 per cent conflicts and unrest in your life. Both mental and physical works should be accomplished with full dedication and meditation. That is Karmayoga. We don’t learn from our past experience, which is either our foolishness or compulsion. We all know work in haste is only waste. So the work done in haste needs to be repeated once again. The work you could do in five minutes will take 20. With no patience we don’t even place our belongings in a fixed place and therefore waste long time in searching the same the next day. Even people have conflicts with their wives for these sorts of petty things. — Mind management