There are just certain things in life that people shouldn’t try to save money on. For instance, going to a cheaper tattoo parlor could be dangerous because the procedures might be unsafe and it could lead to an infection in your skin and muscle. However, when it comes to plastic surgery there are products that offer to do the medical equivalent. And unfortunately, people are buying into this.

There are some truly atrocious horror stories about people who have attempted “do-it-yourself” plastic surgery procedures on themselves. Why would a person, someone who is a full grown adult, participate in something so half baked and obviously dangerous? There are a lot of theories, but they boil down to two basic principles. The first is that there are people who really do not like the way they look, and who desperately want to change their appearance. The second is that many of these people either consider genuine, legitimate plastic surgery too costly, can’t afford to get it, or both.—