Dead end

While I visited the temple, and crossed the aryaghat, it gave me chills as it always does; thinking about how we are already cloaked in the mantle of bodily death, and each one knows it.

How a person no more exists and how a name is only left in a relation.

At every point in a person’s life, there exists a universal principle that all living things inevitably die. It just depends on how far our journey is led.

Some experience the shortest span while the others make use of the longest time.

The feeling of losing the closest one is unbearable. We are shattered as we lose faith and hope in everything around us.

It is the passage of time which heals the pain and gets us back on track where the memories and bond always stay alive.

During these times, as it becomes very difficult to survive, it is a reminder by the universe that our life is not in our control. The message goes out loud saying that we need to make the most of our time.

Human mind is such that it wants to forget relations easily if it hurts oneself and wants to return to the normal sooner rather than later. Life is all about moving on and finding a fresh start. The loss of a person cannot be understood by anyone else except oneself. The closeness, bond and love for the other person stay for a longer period of time and we wish that the other one comes back to us one last time.

There are few lucky ones who do not die suffering. With so many diseases, health problems and viruses spreading around, one needs to be precautionary. Even if there is cure and medical examinations which detect the reason for the pain, taking medicines and the entire process of treatment becomes torturous. And there are associated some social and financial burdens.

As the urns of ashes are disposed of and no remains stay of an individual in the Hindu culture, it’s “ashes to ashes dust to dust”. The phrase is derived from the Bible, with the message: “From dust we arise and to dust we must eventually return”.

And the other one from Leo Tolstoy’s “How much land does a man need?”, which says: “All the land that a man needs is a six-foot long grave”.

One cannot skip and reach the dead end even if they wish to. Death is destined. It is inevitable. They say it’s better to get used to this idea -- the sooner, the better. But still, it is easier said than done.