Domestic violencea

The woman on the hotline wouldn’t let her go. Between planning on leaving and actually leaving, there are mine fields of abusive histories and excuses that the psychologist gently walks her through, mapping small steps to safe havens, and somehow getting the kids across unscathed.

The shelter is quiet, the only battle is raging in fiber-space, and stories burn phone lines in the women’s homes. She glances up. Her monitor shows 206 more calls that the police referred to the domestic violence hotline.

The calls are only from the capital, Ulaanbaatar. And it was not even noon yet. An ADB team of specialists interviewed psychologists and police officers operating the domestic violence hotline 107 and also facilitated focus group discussions (FGDs) among women in select aimags (provinces).

ADB has joined the #OrangeTheWorld campaign run by UN Women to end violence against women. The colour orange is used to symbolize a brighter future without violence... —