I just found two hungry mice in my kitchen stealing electricity – how many do you have? Imagine buying your coffee in a cup with hidden holes, so when you are about to drink the first sip you find only 5% of the coffee is left. Is that acceptable? It’s like two little mice hiding in your kitchen ceiling and eating 950 g of the basmati rice or pasta that you have been buying in 1 kg packs. Would you tolerate that? I did, for over 3 years. My excuse: I did not know, I did not see, it happened right in my kitchen in Sydney on cloudy days or at night. This is about doing something simple and potentially saving hundreds of dollars each year at the household level, and millions at the country level. The two little mice were the two 12 V halogen light bulbs that stole about AU$100 (about $70) worth of electricity. I caught them last month, during my holidays. The bulbs had been there for more than 5 years and were producing less than 70% of their original brightness... — blogs.adb.org/blog