Herbs and Ayurved

The news “New way to conserve herbs in 10 districts soon” published in THT on April 17 and the editorial on it titled ‘Example of progress’ on April 18 have shed light upon the interrelationship between herbs and Ayurved. Previously much was talked about herbs but its areas of application were not seriously taken into consideration. Though Nepal possesses a plethora of herbal resources, Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies have been importing bulk quantity of herbs. The agencies involved in herbs sector should cooperate, coordinate and communicate with Ayurvedic sector and vice versa. Dissemination of rudimentary knowledge on herbs alone is not enough for marketing of herbs; the aid of Ayurvedic expertise should be taken. Ayurvedic knowledge of Dravya Guna Vigyan (Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Materia Medica) and Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana (mineral, herbal and aquatic sciences besides drugs, pharmacy and pharmaceutics) will offer help to those involved in herbs conservation.

Sushil Dahal, BAMS, Institute of Medicine, TU


It is such a loss that visitors have ceased going to Bardiya district. The Royal Park there is one of the best in Asia for wildlife and the whole area is a visitors’ dream. The Tharu community of the village, Thakurdwara, is another reason to visit this place. Still living a simple life, they are friendly and helpful and the death of tourism is sure to affect the locals and the tourist industry alike. I feel sad for those who are suffering because of the recent

problems. May peace reign soon. Steve Bailey, Parivar

Expeditions, Great Britain


It is delightful that Nepali cricket team has defeated the UAE team to enter the final of the ACC Under-15 Asia Cup Cricket Tournament in Abu Dhabi. It is good that Nepal is doing well in cricket these days. This is one thing we can all be proud of.

Ujwal Shrestha, via e-mail


This is in reference to the news “Nawalparasi village deserted” published in THT on April 18. According to the news the brutal killing of 10 civilians and arson in 15 houses by the Maoists on April 15 in Nawalparasi has led almost 1,000 locals of Bargbadwa of Somni VDC in Nawalparasi to flee their village to other places for safety. This is unfortunate. The brutality of the rebels is increasing in the villages and many more people have been displaced or are forced to move out of their villages. Such incidents involving gross violation of human rights are indication of the path towards destruction of the nation. It is high time the rebels denounced violence as a means to achieve their goals, and gave up arms to join the mainstream politics.

Binod Luitel, Chabahil


Some days back there was the news regarding the government’s decision to dissolve the National Sports Council Board, which has been functioning in Nepal for a long time. Whoever decided to dissolve it for whatever reasons, it is surely going to have a negative effect on the development of sports in Nepal. The National Sports Council has been working hard for developing sports facilities and training sportsmen in the country for quite sometime and its dissolution must have saddened all sports lovers. The concerned authorities should rethink their decision.

Rajan R Acharya, Kalikasthan