Time to take action

The nation’s youth prefer to go aboard seeking for better opportunities because of the insurgency and unemployment at home. The government too has encouraged them as shown by the fact that the economy is directly dependent on the remittance sent from abroad.

Unfortunately, 54 Nepali labourers were deported from Malaysia recently on the allegation that they were holding fake visas. After their arrival in Nepal, they were held on the charge of travelling with fake documents. Meanwhile, the police have confiscated a fake visa-stamping machine from the rented quarters of two employees of the Malaysian Embassy, who are alleged to have been involved in issuing counterfeit visas.

Therefore, the victims should not be treated as the violators of the law. Moreover, their right to go back to Malaysia should be secured because many manpower agencies have reneged on the responsibility by not fulfilling their commitments. The government too has undermined the gravity of the issue and has not taken action against the agencies. The people involved in fake visa scandal should be punished so that such kinds of hoax would not be repeated in future.

Ramesh Neupane, Mahankal

Pay attention

It was nice reading about Kusundas in THT’s editorial. The concerned authorities should pay attention to their demand for citizenship. I myself once came across a man belonging to this community, which is now on the verge of extinction. He was kept at a rehabilitation centre that was more like a prison. The government should provide the Kusundas with all kind of support.

Biso Raj Kunwar, SM College

Incorrect time

It was nice to read the feature article on lunar eclipse published on May 4. However, I had clearly mentioned the time to the reporter when the celestial drama would begin unfolding. It should have been 12:33:06 am instead of the published 2:33:06 am. I hope you will enlighten your readers on this slip.

Jayanta Acharya, Kathmandu

Buddha’s land

Violence has gripped whole of the Kingdom because everywhere we witness bloodshed. Killings, abductions and torture are rampant in the country. Leaders resort to deception and corruption. They are power-hungry lot who have poisoned the minds of the commoners. Corruption, immorality, irresponsibility and insecurity have been the feature of this country. Thus, we are not worthy of calling ourselves the citizens of the land where Buddha was born. There is nothing to boast about his name because we have neglected his doctrine of the “Panchsheel.” When we are not even sincere towards making an effort for peace, how can we claim Buddha to be ours?

S K Neupane, Siraha

Be responsible

On World Press Freedom Day, Nepali journalists got together to commemorate what they claim they were denied all along — the freedom to talk responsibly. Majority of them need to understand more about responsibility than cry for freedom to build Nepal’s future. It is important for the media to learn from their past mistakes. This means viewing monarchy, the country, its constitution, and above all democracy in the correct manner well past personal prejudice. Being a communication professional myself, I strongly feel a need for a much more responsible media in Nepal.

Surya B Prasai, via e-mail