Gloomy Valley bandhs

What an ordinary man can do in Kathmandu is a question facing all of us given the current situation pertaining to the regression movement of the political parties against the government. The commuters are transformed to mere pedestrians due to frequent bandhs. The education, business and tourism sectors are most affected. Perhaps the reluctance of the political leaders towards amicable solution may be the crux of the problem. Lives of office-goers, students and the local people was almost static during the recent three-day bandh.

On one of the bandh days when I was on my way to purchase some vegetables, I came across a group of children below the age of twelve playing happily on the road. They told me that it was a bandh and for them empty road meant a lot of space to play. I soon came across another group of shopkeepers who were playing ludo and complaining at the same time that the bandh has had adverse effect on their perishable goods. I moved on and approached a gang of drug addicts busy smoking. I wondered about the real impact of bandhs, mulled over the incidents and came to the conclusion that the real cause is ineffectual government unable to check the uprising of immoral and corrupt politicians and its inability to provide security to the citizens.

Razoo Lama, Ekantakuna


I am a regular reader of The Himalayan Times and like the presentation of news, articles, sports news, filmy guff, etc. However, I have noticed in the last page or sometimes even in the middle page of the newspaper, there is only some introductive words for Bollywood news. It does not even contain full information. It would be best if you either cut down on Bollywood news or even if you have to give it, then please make sure that the news contain full details. If Bollywood is part of the page news than you ought to include information about

Bollywood music for the benefit of the music lovers.

Prasit Kandel, Bhaktapur


This is in reference to the news regarding ceasefire. In Nepal the concept and value of

ceasefire is totally ignored. It seems people are fed up with this word. Another truce will not bring peace in the country since both the negotiating parties stand stubborn with their own demands. The need of the hour is to follow the path of non-violence by all the political parties, especially by the Maoists. The government should listen to the Maoist demands, but not give into it totally. Earlier, we all know that many people from the rural areas supported the Maoist movement because they thought that the rebels were fighting for genuine cause. But, today the Maoists are totally isolated. Now no longer can the public bear the torture and dirty motives of the Maoists. Killing security personnel, destroying infrastructure and kidnapping students have annoyed the people and caught them by surprise. Why do the insurgents forget that should they came to power these infrastructure is important for them as well?

Rajen Budathoki, Jhapa

Sordid Maoists

Your editorial of April 8 assert that the Maoists showed their positive gesture by releasing the apprehended security personnel. However, the front page news on the very day carried a report about some youth being abducted by the rebels. Also, the three-day bandh crippled the lives of the laymen. This shows they are still ruthless. Calling a strike in Janaandolan Divas show that they still are atrocious.

Niraj Adhikari, Golphutar