Bandhs incur loss

The growing number of Nepal bandhs called by various organisations and political parties, especially the Maoists, have disrupted the daily lives of all the people. On top of that, the people seem to accept the bandhs. In reality, they have a negative impact upon the country’s economy. They directly affect thousands of daily wage earners who have to struggle hard to meet their needs.

I am originally from Jhapa and now studying in Kathmandu. I came to the Valley in order to get a better education. However, my hopes are shattered as colleges are badly affected by the bandhs. Moreover, the coming up examination starting from Baisakh 30 is also in a dilemma because of frequent strikes. I request all parties to stop calling for bandhs. The parities should understand the economic loss inflicted to the country due to the bandhs and rather they should concentrate on working towards an overall development of Nepal.

Satish Mishra, Kathmandu

Frequent fights

My home town is Biratnagar, but it has been two years since I started living in Kumarigal-7 in Kathmandu. Unfortunately, I have never seen a single day pass without some fight in this locality. Recently, a boy whom I had known for long died. He did not die in a gang war but he was killed while trying to save his friend. It was really sad that the media published the incident as a result of a gang fight. Killers still roam around freely. Police don’t show much concern in fights around Kumarigal as this is common around here. I want to request the police department to do something about this.

Amit Shah, Kumarigal

Animal rights

Cruelty towards animals is common. People are inhuman as far as animals are concerned. They ignore the fact that animals too have equal rights to live. It is ironical that religions teach people that there is no harm in killing animals and people hope to appease gods by sacrificing animals. On the other hand, they also believe that animals are the creation of the same God who created human beings. If so, don’t they have the right to live as we humans have? If we consider ourselves to be human beings we must be humane towards animals and not kill them for fun. Of course, man is a superior animal but this superiority does not mean inflicting pain upon others.

Shrijan Subedi, Kalankisthan

Guide kids

Recently, I was waiting for my cousin in my motorbike outside her school. Meanwhile, I saw three girls around the age of 14-15 in their uniforms. One of them smiled at me and I smiled back though they were total strangers. However, they were passing comments about me between themselves and then to my surprise, they waved at me and made sensational movements. I was quite taken aback by their attitude.

It is but natural for young people to be attracted towards the opposite sex and to have infatuations. In an age of adolescence one goes through physical, emotional and mental changes and it is the threshold of adulthood. This is also a time when youth get into a lot of trouble. Considering this, parents and guardians should keep a good watch over their children’s activities. Their duty is not just to send the kids to school, rather they should examine every aspect of their child’s development. Home is every child’s first school where they learn proper etiquette, discipline and moral values. So every parent should intervene to see to it that the children are not doing anything to tarnish their own image and pride by mere carelessness.

Bishnu Raudell, Syangja