When will they learn?

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly could not be held till the evening on May 28 even though it was originally scheduled to begin at 11:00 am. When will our politicians learn to do things on time, and not put off the most important tasks for the eleventh hour? All the major decisions in the last two years have either been delayed or taken in haste owing to the penchant of the politicians to procrastinate.

I am worried that the Constituent Assembly will take up the same habit of leaving things up to the very last minute before arriving at important decisions. For instance, one cannot even imagine the model of new constitution drafted in such hurry.

And if it is, what good purpose will such ill-prepared statute serve? I urge all CA members to do their homework before taking part in important discussions. Otherwise, the decisions they arrive at will be woefully short in fulfiling the mandate of April Revolution, 2006.

Sushil Sharma, via e-mail

Well put

Apropos of Lok Raj Baral’s article “New Republic of Nepal” (THT, May 28), the author is bang on in suggesting that the onus is on the political parties to live up to the expectation of the people. By reneging on their promises, the politicians have failed the Nepali people miserably in the past.

Hopefully, they remember their pledges this time around.

Baral also correctly points out how monarchy has been the enemy of democracy in Nepal. It has been duping political parties and common Nepalis alike since 2007 BS. The institution is no longer relevant in Nepal’s context, neither is it safe for the future of democracy in Nepal.

Kiran Manandhar, via e-mail

Way to go

Kudos to the Nepali cricket team for making it to the semi-finals of the ICC World Cricket League Division 5 Tournament in Jersey by beating Vanuatu by 137 runs on Tuesday. Nepal is now scheduled to take on the USA. Comparatively, Nepal is a much better team compared to the Americans and has a long experience of playing in international tournaments. Nepal has a good chance to go all the way in this tournament. If it does, it will be great news for cricket fans hungry for some success of the national team.

Sujit Kayastha, Bangemudha

Free her

It was disheartening to hear that Myanmar pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest was extended by the junta, “Myanmar junta extends Suu Kyi’s house arrest by one year” (THT, May 28). My heart goes out to the poor lady who has spent 12 of last 18 years under house arrest. I can only imagine about the hardships one has to face confined within one’s house for more than a decade.

This cannot be a purely political move on the part of the military, for it violates the freedom of a citizen to move about freely within one’s country, especially when that person is

completely free of any blame.

How can somebody be punished for winning an election? The Nobel Peace Prize winner has toiled relentlessly for the cause of democracy in Myanmar. The international community, particularly India and China, should put pressure on the junta to set her free.

Suikriti Kharel, Maitidevi, Kathmandu