Futuristic concern

This is in reference to the edit page article “Special session and after” (THT, Nov 9). I agree with the writer that a fully Proportional Representation system of election would have ensured equal representation of ethnic and Dalit communities in the parliament (and the

government). However, the problem with most NC and other politicians, irrespective of their castes, is their corrupt nature. Their reluctance to assume accountability is one of the reasons that have led the country to the present mess. As long as vices like corruption and

unaccountability remain the defining characteristics of our politicians neither PR system, nor federalism nor republicanism will get the country out of its present rut. As a political scientist, the writer’s ‘futuristic’ prescription should have addressed these concerns.

Bihari Krishna Shrestha, Chakupat Green Block, Patan


Tihar, the festival of lights, is a time for celebration when family and friends come

together. Let this festival of lights inspire us to help those as yet untouched by the light of education, heath and prosperity. May this year’s festival bring peace in the country and early

resolution of the political deadlock. We the Tibetan refugees are immensely grateful to the Nepali government for its hospitality for the past several decades.

Nyima Gyalpo, Kathmandu

Peace zones

Apropos of the news report “Pupils, teachers being attacked” (THT, November 10), it is indeed a serious concern that schools and educational institutions, though they are considered peace zones, are frequently made the target of attacks by agitating political outfits.

Recently, protestors have even abducted and murdered students to pressurise the government into addressing their demands. Voices raised for making educational institutions a ‘politics-free zone’ have gone unheard. It is time now for the government to take strong action against any political organisation that uses educational institutions and students for political ends.

CN Kanel ‘Harit’, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Is it wise?

Prime Minister Koirala in a recent statement has said that the SPA is ready to go in for the election, even without the participation of the Maoists. But now that the Maoists have joined the political mainstream, is it possible for the parties to head for the elections

without them? Wouldn’t this invite further confrontation with the Maoists? It would be wise for Koirala to express his remarks with a little more caution. However, it was

appreciable that Koirala said that the problems arising across the border could be solved if India and Nepal talked seriously.

Dwaipayan Regmi,



Recently, Prime Minister Koirala came up with the idea of holding CA polls even without the Maoists. There is no doubt that the YCL, which has been responsible for various undesirable activities across the country, will not let Koirala’s dream materialise. Koirala should make every effort to build consensus with the Maoists and hold the CA polls in an atmosphere free from fear and terror.

Guru Dristi, Narayangarh