Headed the wrong way

This is in reference to the news report “Leaders call for ‘people’s revolt’”, (THT, August 6). At the fifth expanded meeting of the CPN-Maoist, many members said that the goal of their revolution would not be achieved through peaceful means and they stressed a people’s revolt to usher in a republican set-up in the country.

It implies that the Maoists may once more turn to violent politics rather than abiding by the Nov 8 agreement. It must not be forgotten that any act which affects unity, integrity and law and order situation of the country is a breach of constitutional provisions.

The recent statements in the media show that the Maoists have not only lost faith in themselves but also respect for democratic values. Resorting to violence to attain their political objectives will once more weaken their legitimacy and invite widespread public condemnation. Sadly, the Maoists have even questioned the relevance of the role of United Nations Mission in Nepal, which has been helping Nepal in its peace process at their


These irrational acts show that the Maoists are now crossing the line and misusing the benefits of legitimacy that it was granted after the Nov 8 agreement.

Manit Deokota, Ratopul


Apropos of the news report “Revision of Grade X course suggested” (THT, August 6), the decision of the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) under the Ministry of Education

and Sports to revise curricula for six compulsory subjects for Grade X is commendable.

The move was expected after the announcement of a new national anthem which replaces the old one that only eulogised the monarch. However I do not agree that the educational structure of the country should be guided by political structure as maintained by Hari Bol Khanal, the executive director of CDC. It should rather focus on making sure that the curriculum here meets international educational standards.

Swekchaya Dahal,

Sukkhe Dhara

Clean up

For months garbage has been strewn across the main streets of Biratnagar sub-metropolis but the authorities have paid no attention to this health hazard.

Garbage has also become a major problem for other towns, besides the Kathmandu Valley. The number of cholera cases has increased in the past few weeks and local people

have expressed concern time and again.

But the Biratnagar sub-metropolis is trying to explain away its inability to solve the problem. If the authorities did not take stock of the deteriorating sanitary situation in Biratnagar soon, an

epidemic might soon break out.

Ujjwol Acharya, Biratnagar

Tarai clashes

This is in reference to the news report “Maoists, JTMM-J clash” (THT, August 6). It is hard to understand why the so-called political outfits continue violence to settle their differences.

If difference of opinion exists, it should be settled through non-violent means. In the end, it will be the people who will decide who is right and who is wrong in the upcoming

CA polls.

Surendra Thapa, Duwakot