No child’s play

This is with reference to the much awaited resumption of Loktantric parliament on Monday. It is completely one thing that parliament has been resumed conditionally and how it has been resumed is entirely another. While I was watching the live session in the TV, I felt I was witnessing a fierce war of words between the captains of two political teams. Other team mates were mere spectators. No doubt, the people of the new Nepal must have learnt new words from the Nepalese vocabulary. It seems like politics has become child’s play and the parliament a kindergarten now. The leaders appear only to play with words rather than to work. It is an irony that losers are playing the game and the winners are out. So

pathetic is the situation that none of the leaders seem to have learnt and gained maturity in the last two decades.

Siris Regmi, via e-mail


Amid many political leaders, Madhav Kumar Nepal, the PM, is the latest one launching a

personal website. But I have doubts whether or not most of the leaders know how to operate the computers. Even if they know they will never take the questions seriously posed by the people. Rather they will adopt a web assistant to respond. I think there is no need for opening websites for Nepalese political leaders. We know our leaders very well. Have they ever considered what proportion of the Nepalese people are accessible to net

facility to pose questions to them via email? How serious are the leaders to respond and address the questions? Our leaders are only capable of giving speeches. What I want to suggest the leaders is that they should do only things that are useful. The poor people of the country would rather want the politicians did these than merely give speeches. It is also obvious that the questions that are going to be posed won’t be digestible for

the leaders. One needs some skills to mend a shoe but you need not have to have any skill

to talk politics. So leaders, please don’t make a mockery of yourselves.

Hem Raj Paneru, Central

Department of Geography,

Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur


Apropos of the report “Proposal to set up......” (THT, July 7), I

personally feel that constitutional committees are in a dilemma as how to move ahead. Despite the mobilization of CA members to different places of Nepal to collect the views of the common people regarding the design of the new constitution and how it would

be effective so that it covers common problems of all, questionnaires of the same

nature in thousands were prepared. The questionnaires sent to the common, illiterate people were not prepared as per the norms of research methodology, nor a group of

experts were formed to prepare questionnaires suitable for and understandable by illiterate

people of remote places. Efforts were made to collect the answers but they were of no use as the CA members were not in a position to understand the questionnaire themselves. If they hadn’t understood it, how could they have made the people

understand and fill the questionnaires? Research methodology suggests that

there are various types of questionnaires based on the nature of problems. But we failed to include basic information and divide the regions. We could have prepared questionnaires that would highlight ethnicity, religion, illiteracy, indigence, deprivation, famine,

development, easy access to education, food, alleviation of social ill practices and so on.

Sanjay Shrestha, via e-mail


The news “Thimi locals lynch ‘kidnapping suspects’”, (THT, July 8) was something horrible. This is an example of how the environment has turned cruel and gullible and this

is a complete failure of the government. This is a state where the locals have lost their faith over the prevailing law and order situation. The government and law and order administration should note that lives can be simply lost on the basis of

suspicion. I have personally noticed that most of common people these days are scared to touch or talk to small kids since they can be accused of being

kidnappers. I feel that we should not lose our faith and trust over others. After all the entire

world runs on faith and trust. I hope peace, faith, trust and development will soon be

installed in our nation

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail