Self-serving politicos

Even though the people of the Tarai have suffered huge losses from recent flooding, political leaders are giving the impression that they are not as serious as they should be, given the scale of the disaster.

Ministers and Members of Parliament seem more concerned about the political calculations

that may benefit their parties in the upcoming Constituent Assembly elections. But the CA

polls, given the deteriorating security situation in the country, looks like a distant dream.

The gesture of the MPs to donate a paltry portion of their salaries for flood-relief efforts will not be able to win the hearts and minds of Nepalis. They should rather do something concrete to help alleviate the suffering of flood-hit people. They should fulfil their promises.

Amit Gautam, via e-mail

Tarai crisis

This is in reference to the news report “Two gunned down in Tarai” (THT, July 31). Even as the government is inviting the agitating Madhesi groups for dialogue, the activists affiliated with these groups are causing havoc to the people of hill origin by murdering and extorting them, which is by no means a solution to their demands.

The growing number of splintered Madhesi groups is evidence that they lack unity even among themselves. Violence perpetrated for sectarian reasons is the worst form of violence,

especially in an age when interdependence is indispensable to the progress of humanity.

Anarchy in the name of autonomy will take Madhesi groups nowhere, unless they put forward genuine demands that benefit all Nepalis rather than a particular community.

Basanta Devkota, Gaurighat

Bad intent

The report “Maoists’ Dolakha foray premeditated: Govt” (THT, July 31) is evidence enough that the Maoists are hell-bent on delaying the constituent assembly polls, as are other parties in the government. Whatever the reasons, the Maoist actions in Dolakha cannot be excused,

especially after the signing of the peace agreement. None of the parties in thegovernment seems serious about holding constituent assembly polls and they are evidently losing public and international support. The parties should take stock of the situation and understand that their irresponsible acts could strengthen regressive forces. This two-faced nature of the political parties is starting to disgust Nepalis, who are fast losing their faith in their

so-called representatives.

Shikhar Dahal, via e-mail

Sounds good

It is great to know that your newspaper is soon coming out with a new column called THT Medical Board, an interactive section where medical professionals will answer the queries raised by the readers.

We suggest that the column include medicos from all the faculties, especially from vital areas

of neurology, cardiology, gynaecology, medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychology, nutrition

and public health. If the medical team comprises medical professionals from all these fields and is inclusive, there is no doubt that people will get the exact information they are looking for.

Dr. Sital Kaji Shrestha, NIMBUS International