Needless insistence

Apropos of the news report “Wrangling over envoys’ appointments continues” (THT, July 25), if I am not mistaken, the Maoists had earlier demanded that Paris and two other capitals be assigned to them. They seem to have taken a U-turn on their earlier stance and are now demanding that they be allocated Beijing or New Delhi or London instead of the French capital. If the Maoists want to protect Nepal’s image abroad, they should look at the consequences of further delay in appointment of ambassadors and be ready to make a small compromise.

Subash Acharya,New Baneshwor


Floods have wreaked havoc in the Tarai districts of Siraha, Rautahat, Bara and Parsha. Nothing new. Every monsoon, many parts of the Tarai are inundated by flash floods and incessant rains. What is surprising though is our lack of preparedness to handle post-disaster phase. In this light, the country needs a big improvement in post-disaster management.

Sharad Sharma, via e-mail

New page

The addition of ‘Insight’ page has made THT more informative. It can act as a good platform to inform the public about various political and socio-economic issues and help raise awareness about various topics of national interest.

Rabin Subedi via e-mail


This is in reference to the news report “100 ex-Kamaiyas held, freed” (THT, July 25). Even after the Deuba government declared the Kamaiyas free a few years ago, the Kamaiyas have not been free in the real sense of the term. Granted that the government had good intentions, but it failed to see to the implementation of the plan to rehabilitate the Kamaiyas and generate employment opportunities for them. The Kamaiyas might have been freed from slavery but they are still under the grip of poverty. If the government really wants to solve the problem once and for all, it will have to take concrete measures and not only make empty promises.

Manit Devkota, Ratopul

Wrong target

The disruption in distribution of THT and Annapurna Post has caused a huge inconvenience to newspaper readers throughout the nation. Though there is no denying that the cycle boys have the right to refuse to distribute the newspapers, they don’t have any right to attack vehicles belonging to the publication house and stop other workers from carrying out their daily duties. This is nothing but hooliganism. If they have their grievances, they shouldn’t be venting them off on the publication house but rather on the distributors who hired them in the first place.

M Pradhan, via e-mail


The Maoist-affiliated YCL has unleashed terror whenever their unreasonable demands have not been met. This time it has chosen THT and Annapurna Post. There was some truth in PM Koirala’s charge that the YCL was a Young Criminal League. The present attack on these two publications is a desperate act, which not only goes against the rule of the land but also deprives the public of their right to information.

Ram Chaudhary, via e-mail