Walking a tightrope

Concerning the news report, “Thapa says EPA has no right to rule” (THT, July 11), who is Surya Bahadur Thapa to judge who should rule the country and who should not? People will decide that in the upcoming CA polls. As of now, the eight-party alliance (EPA) has far more legitimacy than Thapa’s Rastriya Jana Shakti Party to speak and act on behalf of the people. Thapa senses that his party will not be accepted by the people, so he and other former

Panchayat stalwarts are out to sabotage the elections. If they had their way, they would

give continuity to monarchy.

The road to the CA polls will be paved with huge obstacles. There are many who want the polls to be postponed once again. Therefore, the EPA government will have to exercise utmost vigilance and maintain their unity at all cost. It is also important that the polls are free and fair. The EPA will be walking a tightrope during the transition to the CA polls. The future of the alliance is closely linked with the future of the country.

Dhruva Mudbari, via e-mail

Nearly there

We the families of ex-British Gurkhas welcome the “review” ordered by the new British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and appreciate the support of British and Nepali citizens alike in this regard. We are on the verge of winning the battle against discrimination and arbitrariness against ex-British Gurkhas. As Sandesh Samden remarked in his letter, “Better late than never” (THT, July 1), the issue is “a question of honour for the ex-Gurkhas as well as all Nepalis”. The issue concerns all Nepalis, not just ex-Gurkha servicemen.

Binu Gurung, via e-mail

Main goal

All the political parties are blaming the Nepali Congress for prolonging the life of monarchy. But if the monarchy is thrown out now, what purpose will the November 22 elections serve? The primary goal of the interim government is to hold the CA polls on the fixed date. Instead of

clamouring for a republic, all the parties should focus their attention on the CA elections.

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar

Empty words

The Interim Government’s policies and programmes for the upcoming fiscal year outline the same old promises of removing corruption and providing good governance. But PM Girija Prasad Koirala’s poor performance on both fronts in the past and his indifference to the failure of his ministers to declare property details do not make the above-mentioned

commitments convincing. The interim legislature should also take the blame for its failure to end a state of impunity in the country.

Ramesh B Shrestha, Lalitpur

Rank them

As soon as the SLC results are published, colourful advertisements of Plus-Two schools fill pages of national magazines and newspapers. Many of these colleges claim to be among the best educational institutions in the country. But the students get confused in the process. It would greatly help the students if the authorities concerned ranked colleges according to their academic excellence.

Shiva Neupane, via e-mail