PM out to save skin

I was really surprised to read the news report quoting PM as saying: “My remarks were misreported by the media due to low English comprehension level.” How can a responsible person like the country’s PM point a finger at the reporters to hide his own ineptitude and bias? Koirala should either dare to speak out his mind unequivocally or he should apologise to media persons for trying to malign their reputation just to save his own skin.

Deenita Angdembe, via e-mail


It would have been laudable if PM GP Koirala had only called on the King and the Crown Prince to abdicate. However, Koirala’s assertion that the two abdicate in favour of a “minor king” is shocking. When public opinion is clearly in favour of a republic, it is hard to

understand PM’s motive behind such a statement.

Shiva Neupane, via e-mail

Right move

It is important that the judiciary should be independent because it is the custodian of the

constitution. But the judiciary in Nepal has interpreted this privilege as a licence to interpret existing laws differently at different times. As a result, its interpretations have been controversial. Therefore, the provision of parliamentary hearing for judicial appointments has been rightly included in the recent amendment to the Interim Constitution. It will go a long way in making the judiciary clean.

Ramesh B Shrestha, Lalitpur


Recently a scary rumour that Nepal would soon be hit by a powerful earthquake was spreading fear among people. But the dire predictions came from an unscrupulous astrologer. Those people who make ominous predictions for the sake of cheap popularity should be punished.

Having said that, one should be fully prepared for natural disasters. As quakes are unpredictable, the country has no option but to be fully prepared. Permits for new houses should be given only after their blueprints pass rigorous engineering standards. Moreover, the houses should have easy access to roads so that in case of fire and emergencies, rescue

operations could be carried out properly. It is equally important to have a first aid kit in every house. Besides, people should learn safety measures in case of disasters like fire and


Abijit Sharma, Dhapasi

Yes and no

In reference to two letters, “Foreign ads” and “False image” (THT, June 18) concerning advertisements, I agree with the first letter that favours “localness” in the adverts. If local artists are encouraged to take part in advertisements of MNCs, it will undoubtedly help popularise international products in any market.

In the second letter, the writer says that adverts of beauty products like Fair & Lovely send a false message. But I believe the consumers are wise enough to make informed decisions. The function of advertisements is to help them make the right choice among the diverse range of products available. Any consumer would be considered a fool if he or she ran after a product only on the basis of its glamorous advertisement.

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar