Genuine grievances :

The government should heed the genuine grievances of the Madhesis. The ongoing protests in the Terai are being organised not to cause chaos but to put more pressure on the government to listen to their woes. Madhesis have not been able to uplift themselves above the poverty line due to discriminatory practices of the so-called elites. It is the government’s duty to invite the Madhesis for talks, address their demands, and bring them into the national mainstream. Delay will only make the crisis worse.

Dhananjay Shah, Central Department of English, TU

Only way out:

The unrest in certain districts of the Terai shows no sign of abating as various Madhesi rightsgroups are pushing for autonomy. As their demands are genuine, it is wrong to assume sinister motives behind the protests. Talks seem to be the only way out. All Nepalis should work together to restore peace and bring prosperity to the country.

Surya B Prasai, via e-mail

Equal rights:

The Maoists and the SPA members had ignited hope by signing the November 21 peace accord. Now the democratic process seems to be unravelling, bit by bit, because of the violence that is currently rocking several districts in the Terai. The government’s neglect is further alienating the Madhesis who have been demanding autonomy. The Maoists’ casual handling of the issue was also uncalled for. Madhesis want equality in all areas of governance. The more the crisis is neglected, the worse it will get. All Nepalis deserve equal rights, and proportional representation in the upcoming CA elections is the best way of guaranteeing them.

Gita Pandey, Saraswati Campus


This refers to Neha Saria’s article “21st Century girl” (THT, Jan. 25). Saria presents a vivid picture of what a modern 21st century girl should ideally be. But for every girl like Saria, there are 10 who are not even able to meet their basic needs. For example, many small destitute street girls in the Valley cannot have two square meals a day. Despite unprecedented progress in science and technology, the Nepalis as a social entity cannot meet even the basic needs of their children. The plight of children in other parts of the country is even worse.

Sanjay Sharma, via e-mail


Recently, I came across an SLC sent-up question paper. To my surprise, I found a question regarding Constituent Assembly elections. I doubt many politicians have a good knowledge of what the CA is all about. Then how could youngsters be expected to write on such a complex topic? It is in the realm of speculation whether how much the question-setter himself knows about the Constituent Assembly.

Ashutosh Paneru, via e-mail


Roger Federer has shown why he is the best tennis player ever. By winning the Australian Open in Melbourne, he has taken his Grand Slam count to 10. He is only 25. If Federer remains injury-free and if things go according to plan, he might win well over 20 Grand Slam titles before he retires.

Samir Sharma, via e-mail