Temporary relief :

The recent fiasco of the hike in the price of petro-products gave the government a big headache. Interestingly, this is not the first time the government has come under fire over the oil price hike. Often, the minister for supplies is largely blamed for the hike. The political career of Ishwor Pokhrel was almost ruined by a similar unpopular decision of the then government. This time, Hridayesh Tripathi’s neck was on the chopping block.

Since the price of petro-products has a direct bearing on the lives of average Nepalis, any price hike meets with stiff resistance from the public. But it seems the recent ire the public vented on the government was not because of the unpopular decision per se but because it believes the losses NOC is incurring are primarily due to rampant corruption. The withdrawal of the decision is only a temporary relief, though. Whether NOC can afford such colossal losses for long remains to be seen.

Utsuk Shrestha, Chabahil

New panel :

Apropos of the news report “Panel formed to look into Valley’s garbage problems” (THT, August 24), the Ministry of Local Development’s attempt at making plans for long-term waste management is praiseworthy.

Garbage management has posed a perennial problem for the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The pedestrians have also had to endure the stinking alleyways of the capital. The new panel should suggest ways of effectively dealing with the problem of garbage disposal.

Sachin Panday, Kathmandu

Unwise :

This refers to the report “NIBL aid for UNHCR” (THT, August 23). I fail to understand what good the paltry sum of Rs. 6.4 lakh that the Nepal Investment Bank has handed over to the UN agency will do to help the cause of the Bhutanese refugees.

UNHCR is an internationally-recognised body with a budget running to millions of dollars. It would have been much better had the sum been given to a local NGO or some other social organisation. UNHCR should exercise caution while accepting such gifts.

Ramesh, Kathmandu

Take action :

Though the Nepal Petroleum Dealers Association (NPDA) called off its strike on Tuesday, we continue to see long queues in front of the petrol pumps. Why is it creating an artificial shortage? I believed NPDA had settled its differences with the government. But the government should take action against the guilty petro-dealers.

Promod Acharya,


New spirit :

Well over a hundred days have passed since the Jana Andolan II’s success, but there have been very few achievements of note. All our leaders seem to excel at the podium only. Such was the case during the 19-day nationwide protests.

Discontent and pessimism are spreading fast among the Nepalis.

The nation is devoid of a national anthem, and the students are still being taught that Nepal is a Hindu state and the King the symbol of national unity. The government needs to ensure that the spirit of new Nepal is reflected in school curricula, too.

Tilak Kshetri, Pokhara