Make a right choice

According to the news “Parties, Maoists ally to scrap ‘autocracy’” (THT, Nov. 23), the two political forces have joined hands for the sake of national independence, unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty. Yet, our leaders flocked to New Delhi for the resolution of the

present crisis.

The nation has already tasted “democracy” under these same parties and its leaders. Their performance has not been very impressive; therefore, many people are still doubtful whether they can deliver the goods if they get to power again. It is high time the people made a right choice as to who should rule and lead this nation. Perhaps this is the last chance the people have before the final collapse.

Prakash Moktan, via e-mail


This refers to Ayush Uprety’s letter “Low standard” published in THT on November 21. The domain of cricket commentary in Nepal is in its infancy. So the commentators should

welcome any sort of comment, criticism, or suggestion from the viewers, who have every right to demand quality presentation. But one also has to bear in mind many factors before bashing the commentators.

First of all, it seems Ayush is generalising about the standard of live telecasts on the basis of what he sees on different international TV channels, where they have best telecasting equipment, knowledgeable technicians, professional foreign commentators, etc. who are exclusively hired for doing a specific job and who are paid high salaries. But we have a long way to go. We should nevertheless be happy that the long journey has started. As a Chinese proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step.” In future, we will certainly do our best to improve the commentary and the presentation style.

Sanjeev Lama, Freelance cricket commentator


Nepal Telecom (NT) customers were excited when they learnt about the NT’s recent free dialling scheme, which was for a limited time. But unfortunately, the service was so bad that nobody could make use of it. Maybe it was a marketing stunt.

If the NT wants to assure its clients of its quality of services, it should definitely check its system first before launching any scheme. The NT is certainly losing its customers in the face of the growing popularity of UTL phones and Mero Mobile.

Arjun P Tiwari, via e-mail


Although the country needs to change with the rapid developments of the 21st century, there are certain things that cannot change overnight. In a country like Nepal, where a large

majority follow a certain faith and religion and are rooted in culture and tradition, it is difficult to digest the fruits of ‘advancement’ altogether.

Take for instance the tele-serials and movies, which are broadcast these days. They are full of nudity and vulgarity and it is simply impossible to watch them along with family members. Blatant exposure is not good for the society, especially for young minds, who get carried away by such movies. Since the media are a very powerful tool for influencing the people, it would be better if they maintained a certain level for the benefit of the children and others.

Nirjala Pradhan, via e-mail