Germanic confusion

This is in reference to the news “German plane brings ammo load to RNA” by Rekha Shrestha published in THT on May 25. To this Embassy’s knowledge, no German aircraft registered in Germany was reported to have landed at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, at this time. The German Embassy had immediately tried to get the news verified from both the author of the news and the TIA civil aviation authorities.

However, while the former claimed the reporting to be correct, the latter denied of having any German aircraft landed at the TIA carrying any ammunition.

The German Embassy expected from the author to reconfirm the veracity of the news item, which to our information was based on false reporting, and to bring out a corrigendum, but

unfortunately neither of that has happened. The Embassy would still be very much

interested in getting the news report verified and to be informed about the outcome of the verification efforts.

Heike Widmer, Third Secretary, German Embassy


Nepal is fast becoming a lawless land. The crime rate is soaring and criminals are let off on one pretext or the other. All this is only worsening the situation in the country. Irrespective of the criminal’s age, strict and prompt action should be taken against the accused if we wish to live in a safer country in the future.

Daylight marauding, stabbing, raping etc have bred insecurity in our already war-torn country.

In one such recent case, an accused, Mohan Tamang, has been arrested in connection with a girl’s murder, but he should not be allowed to go scot-free with some minor punishment. Tamang, 16, who is accused of committing three dreadful offences (kidnapping, raping and murdering a minor, Anuska) should be severely punished so the law serves as a deterrent for those who would even dare to think about committing such dreadful acts.

There is no consolation for Anuska’s family in such a difficult time to come out of the shock and trauma, but it would provide some relief to the bereaved family if the person who took the girl’s life is punished by law. All the concerned authorities should ensure that

justice is done.

Subhala Limbu, via e-mail

Physically fit

Even with so many news relating to failures or even deaths of many mountaineers, climbing

Mt Everest remains a challenge among many Nepali and the foreign climbers.

Professional climbers apart, we have been reading about the physically challenged lot giving a try and even succeeding in their ambitions. However, without hurting the sentiments of the able and genuine adventure seekers from all groups, it is almost criminal on the part of the handicapped to rely on the Sherpa guides and other porters to be literally hurled atop the world’s highest peak.

It is only logical that those attempting such a climb need to be physically fit. Relying on others

to climb a mountain does injustice to those who actually spend their lifetimes in this hobby.

The department of tourism must come out with clear guidelines banning the practice of riding

piggyback to the world’s highest peak.

Anupam, Jawalakhel