LETTERS: Age is not a factor

Age has no impact on human productivity and aspirations to do and achieve more, unless one is impaired or handicapped by some disease or injury.

I sincerely believe linking age with productivity is a mental blockade that many of us need to overcome.

Of course I am not talking about ripe old age of 80-90 to remain or stay active, but prior to that we should push ourselves to do the best we can to contribute to our own life, family and the society to which we all belong.

I sincerely believe that in today’s active business and commercial world 40 is indeed the starting point and our mental retirement from active work depends completely on an individual and his/her life choices and aspirations.

It is true life begins at 40, because one learns from numerous life and work experiences as well as major mistakes from the past and can easily build his/her new life from this age again.

I like to call this as Rejuvenating 40. I feel an individual is matured and has a cartload of valuable experiences that he/she can put together for starting life afresh from 40 if s/he looks at this from a positive angle.

So let us not get intimidated by our advancing age which is a reality of life and push hard to do and achieve more like the youngsters.

If we believe that we can, age is not a factor at all.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada

IT industry

In the globalized world, no nation can move forward with a single effort. Therefore, all nations are talking about mutual co-operation among the nations.

Indeed, Nepal is now looking forward to the path of economic prosperity. Most recently, as we can see in Kathmandu the two-day Nepal Investment Summit 2017 concluded with the pledge of Rs. 1.35 trillion from investors from half a dozen countries, mainly China.

If you look at it deeply the market is moving from trading business to IT business, travel, and tourism, education and health care services. So, our prime concern is that the government should also carefully realize such changes taking place when it comes to envisioning rapid economic growth in the country.

As a result, in the long run, the country will not be far behind in those changes.

It is not strange to say that in the coming days there will be massive revolution in IT-based industry in terms of running revenue and employment opportunity that they generate within the country.

It must be noted that the young generation has also produced billionaires who have jump-started in IT sector, which has transformed the face of the world so quickly that it was not thought of some 25 years ago.

It is therefore necessary to make more investment in IT sector so that innovation in this sector can be made and those products can be sold the world over.

Nepali youths are also doing well in this area as there is no barrier to grow from within the country.

Saroj Wagle, Bara