LETTERS: Causes of suicide

This is with reference to the news story “Yama Buddha commits suicide” (THT, January 16, Page 16). We have been hearing about such matters associated with suicide. When someone is constantly battling with the delusional sense of voidness and emptiness then suicide drives his or her life away like a flame of a candle by a wind.

We all have different level of capacities to resist suicidal tendencies. The capacities come from our deeper understanding of life, and the way we look at what it means to live. As long as we are mindful in what it takes to know the internal locus of control, then nothing would happen to us. However, it is our independent mindset to contemplate the entwined fabric of our likes and dislikes about our own boundary of our personal life.

Surprisingly enough, we can see the national and international examples that even the celebrities who have name, fame and money commit suicide just because of their pseudo-views that may be logical for what they do in the first place. The society is the sole- reason why they commit suicide. Directly or indirectly society is culpable for blanketing the individual’s framework of understanding about how they view life in which they are encapsulated.

What I personally perceive is the material gains may not fulfill our life. The singer lived in the sophisticated city of London. However, he committed suicide. This reflects the fact that it is not a conscientious decision to readily accept the fact that the people’s class and status may not be the only yardstick to measure that they are living in harmony with peace of mind. When there is no peace of mind it doesn’t matter how rich you are or how popular you are, death will steal you away in a matter of few minutes. We need psychological studies about mitigating and finding the root causes of this kind of incident.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne

Too late

This is with reference to the news story “LBRC seeks advice on special, autonomous regions” (THT, January 16, Page 3). I am surprised to hear that the Local Bodies Restructuring Commission has started soliciting suggestions from experts on protected, special and autonomous regions when it has already submitted its report to the line ministry for further consideration. The LBRC should have consulted experts on this area before it compiled a report. The body has said it would hold discussions on it for 10 days with the experts and concerned organizations. How can the experts and related organizations put their views within so short a period of time? The LBRC was given a mandate to come out the proposal on protected, special and autonomous regions within the village councils and municipalities which will be run as local government.

Raman Sharma, Butwal