LETTERS: We need plans and actions

I am writing this letter to basically focus on why it is so urgent to introduce an earthquake-related subject. If there is a skill or knowledge gap in this discipline in Nepal, then I am pretty sure there are thousands of Nepalese diaspora in Western nations who have expertise on this field. Take a look. NRN has also taken initiative for knowledge transfer programme in Nepal. I find this logical and meaningful. Only commemorating the second anniversary of ‘major earthquake’ doesn’t make us be prepared for any kind of natural disasters in the future. All we need are plans on the table and actions in the field before wasting precious time. We should not let another generation be minced and milled under the concrete buildings.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne

Jobs for youth

More fundamentally, Nepal has greater youth population who are leaving for foreign lands in search of employment opportunities. The youth population, be it from rural areas or from urban, does not get job opportunity within the country as the government cannot spend enough budget on infrastructure development. Unless the country invests in infrastructure no country can create job opportunity for thousands of youths. The fewer jobs available within the country, the more nepotism and favouritism continue unabated. You do not need any favouritism and apply near-and-dear-one approach if there is plenty of employment available. Nepal can absorb half a million jobs every year if the government’s development plans are executed as per schedule, without any delay, obstruction and bureaucratic red tape. Irrigation projects for agriculture, hydropower for energy, railways, roadways and airports for better and quicker connectivity and commercial farming for food security and setting up of manufacturing units for domestic consumption and export are some areas that will not only provide job opportunities but also help end poverty and uplift the living condition of people in rural and urban areas. But for all these to materialise, we need to have a stable government with clear vision of development.

Saroj Wagle, Bara


The shocking fact is that almost all countries are in the grip of natural calamities. So the task of tackling the calamities like earthquakes and cyclonic rain is important for every country. In order to tackle these disasters, huge humanitarian efforts and technology are the need of the hour. Through humanitarian efforts, the chances of fatalities can be greatly averted. And with the advent of technology, the countries can build buildings that can withstand any natural calamity, be it a mega earthquake or a cyclone. We need to be well prepared for dealing with such natural disasters that fall upon us.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai