LETTERS: Nepal’s election quake

Apropos of the news story “Left alliance continues lead in vote count” (THT, December 10, Page 1), this election must have brought a big earthquake in the Nepali Congress camp. It is getting increasingly obvious that the left alliance will form the next government. Now that it has been relegated to a lower position in the party rankings, what will Nepal’s GOP do? The situation calls for urgent shake-up in the organization and induction of fresh blood in the party. Judging by the results, the older party men are clearly out of sync with the voters. It would be interesting to see the world’s reaction to this election results.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu


Global wildlife has been devastatingly impacted by infrastructural development causing deaths of helpless animals being crushed by motor vehicles and railway engines. There is no doubt that any modern nation will need infrastructure development in the form of motorable roads, highways, bridges, railways to connect different strategic parts for rapid transportation of passengers and goods and to build the economy at the same time. But unfortunately, not much care and attention is given to such infrastructure development when they traverse through ecological sensitive areas, densely wooded forests or mountainous areas that have been traditionally used by wildlife to cross from one end of the forests to another. Motor and railway engine collisions in sensitive ecological areas in developed as well as developing and under developed nation are resulting in serious collisions and causing deaths of helpless wildlife around the planet. Unless serious monitoring and comprehensive, long term policy to protect wildlife is initiated by local and individual governments and the national and/or provincial administration in sensitive ecological areas deaths due to motor and railway engine collisions will continue to haunt wildlife conservation.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada


This is with reference to the news story “Role of remittances” (THT, December 8, Page 8).

It is really rigorously analysed piece of write-up. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Well and truly remittance is a developmental gantry of any nation to lift the nation to an admiringly great height of success and prosperity. However, the saying goes fire is a good and a bad master. We have talked about remittances but genuinely we are not yet smart enough to lucratively use the elephantine funds that have been pouring into the country in a torrential manner. I do not get the point that the so many people living in overseas are investing money in other lands which is a very sad thing to know. In these days people act like their land is like a piece diamond for no reason when everyone attaches the unnecessary importance to a land and therefore the price of a land is hiking at an unprecedented pace.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne