Lost in limbo

The ancient city of Bhaktapur is home to some of the rarest and probably the finest examples

of Nepali art and architecture. The historical monuments and temples in the city, especially those in the premises of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, have remained the pride of Nepalis for centuries and also been a major tourist attraction in the Valley. However, for lack of renovation most of the temples are lying in a decrepit state while other objets d’art, some of them over five hundred years old, have already been lost for lack of protection. Some of the historical temples and monuments have been neglected for years with the result that the walls of these temples are crumbling and the works of art engraved on their walls, windows and doors are irrevocably damaged.

Medieval age, also known as the golden era, has a unique place in the in the history of the development of Nepali art and architecture. Most of the works of art that Nepal has to boast of today belong to the medieval times, during which Nepali art flourished and manifested in various forms. These monuments, apart from the religious and cultural significance they carry today, are invaluable treasures of our nation. The government and the authorities concerned should take immediate measures to renovate and preserve them, preferably before the start of the rainy season, which is likely to cause them further damage.