Mastering a language

Language is a means of communication. Through language we transfer our message from one person to another person, one group to another group and one generation to another generation. Language is a system. It’s an arbitrary system, which can be acquired and that changes according to time.

Basically there are three kinds of speakers of any language. The first ones are known as the ‘assured group’ who are confident in their language as they are well equipped with linguistic knowledge. The second are regarded as the ‘anxious group’ who are mostly middle class people. They are also educated but not fully confident in their learning. They are often perplexed about what they have learnt.

The third and the last kinds of speakers are known as the ‘indifferent group’ who are basically uneducated and don’t bother about their linguistic errors and neither do they care about politeness of language or heed grammatical accuracy in their speech.

My students often ask me the easy ways to learn English language. Their main concern is how to speak in English fluently and confidently as they have already certain vocabulary power as well as grammatical knowledge regarding this language. What is more important is that language depends on practice. It’s the outcome of our continuous effort, enthusiasm, and determination.

Actually, there is no shortcut to gain competency in any language skills. One has to work continuously to speak a language fluently. One needs to develop competency in each of the four skills which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, in order to develop one’s speaking skills in English one has to develop vocabulary power along with the knowledge of idioms and phrases. One needs to practice speaking with some friends on daily basis. If one joins a language training centre, it can provide an added advantage to sharpen ones ideas and develop confidence in order to present one’s views without hesitation. One shouldn’t hesitate to talk if one is to improve in any language.

If one practices different things daily, such as fast reading practice in the early morning period, mirror talking, talking in English to one’s friends, learning more vocabulary, reading books, stories as well as various English newspapers, watching English channels on TV and also listening to English songs. These will definitely help to enhance one’s skill in this particular language in a comparatively short period of time.