Nepali diet

Traditional Nepali diet reflects our rich culture and tradition. It is also a culmination of diverse ethnicity and varied geography nestled within our small country. Nutritional richness is another attribute of the traditional diet that deserves to be recognized, appreciated and promoted. Nepalese have thrived upon this diet for hundreds of years.

Without it, most Nepali still say they have not had a proper meal! Nutritional properties of our traditional foods impart warm comfort and a sense of satisfaction.  Wholesome and balanced ingredients from all food groups form the basis. Food is prepared from the scratch and stays close to its original form when ready. Dal-bhat-tarkaari (rice or substitute-lentil soup-vegetables), also referred as the national dish, is one example. Ethnic and regional variations are also goldmine for nutrition, like Newari, Thakali and Madhesi cuisines... just to name a few.  —