Nothing doing

The spell of rain that began Sunday has buoyed up by a little bit the spirits of the ever-depressed Kathmanduites. It has all to do with the hope of water trickling down the taps, or the load shedding to relent by whatever amount it may be, or for better visibility. However, the mushy roads and the numberless puddles are fixtures to reflect the unique identity of the only metropolis in the country that we can boast of. For the walkers it is not a paradise after the rains. Deft steps can only guide the pedestrian to his/her destination in a sane condition. However, the drainage system being what it is, the speeding vehicles can do more than drench you with the stench filled splash as they pass by. As things are, despite all the hassles that go with entrenching yourself in the metropolis of opportunities, there is always the belief of the desires being fulfilled as if a magic wand would appear out of nowhere to do the needful.

The good news is that the rains have raised the water level of Kulekhani reservoir by 3 centimetres. And, as is customary official response, that will not do anything to get more power flowing around the country. It is all a haze when visibility is at its lowest. Moreover, the people seem to have learnt to live with deprivation, and so it continues. That’s what brings glee to whoever runs the national show.