Dear reader,

It gives us great joy and pleasure to return to your homes and once again become an integral part of it.It has been six months since we suspended our print edition faced as we were with insurmountable difficulties. To begin with, there was the very real hazard of working under the pandemic situation at the risk of our colleagues contracting one of the world’s worst infections ever.

Add to that, we faced disruptions in paper and printing supplies and a near total dislocation in the physical act of distributing your favourite daily given the manpower shortage during the numerous and unpredictable lockdowns. Last but not the least, there was the near total loss of advertising revenues that made it impossible for us to meet our costs.

The lockdowns were meant to ride out the worst wave of the pandemic. In effect, this did not hap-pen. Most of us were caught between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea, ending up with the global economy in a shambles and COVID-19 cases continuing to rise without let up or hindrance.

But the human spirit cannot be subdued for long and at the last count there were 180 vaccines in the mak-ing at one stage or the other. In the meantime, the world has decided to take tentative steps towards a return to normalcy.

Through this entire period, we have made intense efforts to reach the latest news and views to you through our digital platform. We have ramped up our digital platform and made it more and more attractive as also available through various social media.

We have put our shoulder to the wheel to Restart Nepal. THT Digi will be with you as ever, now rejoined with the original, unbeatable, unstoppable THT print: one price, double delight.