Success is a myth

We believe that being rich, thin and happy makes us successful, but these are not indicators of success, they are wishes. These are mere indicators created by society to measure how successful we are in life. Having more money makes us rich, having a higher education makes us educated and having good health makes us healthy, but not successful.

Success is a fairy tale people tell you to inspire you to continue reading more fairy tales and make you feel like you’re on the road to somewhere great, without actually getting you any closer.

Life is a journey, not a destination, just to make you feel that we are successful at some point. Success doesn’t exist because, once you achieve it, you’re going to look around and ask yourself, “What else?”

Caught in a whirl of running for something, being competitive and achieving it, we are forgetting that from the time of our birth, our countdown to death has already started. So are we consciously fighting for things that are meaningful to our life? Instead of aiming for success, ask yourself what you would like to do, what you’re willing to suffer for and what problems you want to solve.

Then, go out and do those things, suffer for those things and solve those problems.

This will bring you joy, peace and purpose. They are far better and more permanent than success itself.

Getting good grades, getting married on time, raising kids, earning money, getting a good job, these are indicators that society has thrust on human beings, which can be goals in different aspects and measures but cannot be related as indicators of success.

The secret to success is giving up the idea of success altogether.

It doesn’t exist, and it shouldn’t be chased. Someone has rightfully said, “Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy anti-depressants.”

If we are measuring our success with the amount of money we accumulate, we are surely accepting the consequences it brings. We’re all just lost in a desert we didn’t ask to be born into, looking for water. Your mind tricks you. What you had before may not compare to what you have now, but what you have now will almost certainly not be enough.

For every moment that passes after achieving a thing, your joy over that thing wanes over time. Every time you line up to kick, you’re either going to miss the goalposts or move them back. With every new bar we clear, we inevitably raise it again.

Once a person is successful, he/she has nothing more to look forward in life, you may be satisfied but not successful - success is a myth everyone in this modern world is trying to achieve and fail.