Teaching brings optimism

I was 23 years old when I got married. I belong to a conservative family where good daughters never say “No” to their parents. Because of this, my marriage had not been a cheerful one.

Six years after marriage, my husband left me alone in this world along with my two kids. I lost consciousness for a few months and slowly became a patient of hypoglycemia and anaemia. Overcoming them is a challenge for me even now as I am not sure if I will wake up in the morning alright. I also tried to end my life due to the unsuccessful marriage and lost my health. But my life’s role model, my uncle Shri Umesh Chandra Jha, a senior advocate changed my perception about life.

As a person, I always thought I would be an incomplete woman without my husband, but then my perception changed.

My son has lymphangioma, a benign tumour, in his left cheek, which doctors at Kanti Hospital said could never be treated with simple methods.

Sometimes I feel sad for not being able to be a perfect mother to my kids. Tears run down my eyes when I see him staring at the mirror and seeing his big cheek, but I am helpless.

Earlier, I used to work as a designer/web developer but had to quit after marriage. I never imagined I would become a teacher as I am an introvert.

Growing up as such has taught me tons of valuable skills. The most important tool it has provided me is preparing me to be an efficient educator. Initially, because of my low-pitch voice and health, I was rejected at many places.

I now have a knowledge base to work from, which has shaped how I see the rest of the world. I save and repair, so I don’t buy anything new or rent. I, to some extent, have broken the cycle of poverty.

Years ago, while teaching seventh grade, I was giving instructions for a writing assignment. I stated that this particular task should be interesting because it’s about someone they admired.

We spoke of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas. I told them to start. I saw a hand go up. I walked over to the student.

In a quiet voice, he asked, “Can I write about you?” I never imagined that I could be of any help to anybody.

But during the pandemic, as a Google educator, I was able to help many schools and students.

I also helped in data collection of the affected victims in association with Kathmandu University. I was happy to train many educators from the remote areas on how to educate children during the pandemic.

Thanks to my lovely students and the institution (Mills Berry School, Bansbari) with whom I have been associated during this pandemic, without whom I would not have achieved the prestigious “Global Digital Excellence Award 2020”.