Time to gear up

As we do every year we bid goodbye enthusiastically with great hopes of doing things better the next year. In the beginning we started working actively and energetically. We faced the earthquakes, the biggest nightmare of the century. For a couple of days all of us were just praying and we weren’t able to do or think about anything else. We lost our relatives, national monuments, cultural heritages and many more. The whole country was in a trauma. Some were in a physical trauma and the remaining in mental trauma.

The slow pace of development is now completely stopped. As time passes every wound heals, the same happened with the earthquakes. Those who were able were there helping the helpless. We also got a lot of help from our neighboring countries. All were helping us how much they could. Very soon those who were suffering tried to forget the pain by viewing the brighter side of life.

However we achieved success in making the Constitution after a long period of time and much sacrifice. The constitution received a grand welcome. The situation seemed as if the Nepalese people had forgotten the earthquake. The country started running smoothly; everyone was busy in their day to day activity.

Happiness doesn’t last long. The happiness of receiving the Constitution also wasn’t able to last long due to the unofficial economic blockade of our neighbor India which was helping us actively during the time of the earthquakes.

Now we are really in a great difficulty. We are not able to import daily usable goods. Our life has really become miserable. We have cars but no fuel, we have cylinders but no gas, we have demand but the supply has been blocked.

Why is it so? We don’t have any answer. As a common citizen I also think this is because we have made our Constitution the main key for development. Yes we are a landlocked country and we don’t have access to the oceans, but we are capable in all other fields. We are the second richest country of water resources in the world. Can’t we utilize it to generate enough electricity so that we will get rid of the load shedding. Electricity is just an example; we can do many other things. We say Nepal is an agricultural country, but we are importing agricultural products from other countries paying high prices. It is a matter of shame for us.

Are we doing good? Will our country be developed in this way?